Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TCI Social Studies

I was very fortunate yesterday to meet a wonderful woman who used to be an editor for a wonderful educational book series called TCI. They offers a wide array of teaching text books and materials and have a wonderful Social Studies Alive curriculum for elementary grades. There are different components to the Social Studies Alive program that include My Community, Regions of My Community, and My Community and Beyond. Each component comes with a student book, teacher's manual, student workbook, transparancies, music CD, colored placards that correspond with the lesson.

Because she was the editor, this woman was given her own set of the curriculum as a reference to keep on hand. Since she had this curriculum on hand for so long, and really no place to put it, she gave it to me happily after meeting with me and Kristen. She was thrilled to have it go to a homeschool family.

I am so thankful to this woman, what she did was wonderful and I will never forget her.

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