About us

I am a single mother of a beautiful 7 year old little girl named Kristen. We began homeschooling in November of 2009. Kristen was diagnosed in 2008 with Sensory Processing Disorder. She was evaluated and treated through occupational therapy. Her specific difficulties are auditory sensitivity, tactile defensiveness, poor proprioceptive awareness, and dyspraxia. 

Prior to homeschooling, Kristen did attend public 1/2 day kindergarten. She did well in a very small class of 5 other students and 2 teachers. Some difficulties due to her sensitivities were addressed, and her teacher stood behind her 100%. 

By the time first grade rolled around, Kristen did not adapt well at all. We had many meltdowns daily. She complained about the noise, how the teacher rushed her, everything. She was coming home mental and physically exhausted. She told me daily how much she "hated" school. I really worried after hearing her tell me this. Hate is not a word we speak very often in our house. I think it is a very strong word, and can be very hurtful if used wrong. I hurt me to see her so miserable. I would bring her to school and walk her to the playground in the morning with the other kids. Instead of running around, she would stand there very overwhelmed and crying. 

After a lot of thought and prayer, I decided to pursue homeschooling. I figured we would at least finish first grade at home and possibly she would go back to public school after she could conquer some of her fears and sensitivities. 

Wonders beyond wonders, she thrived with the homeschool! She is so much more confident, and although she still avoids certain loud things, it is NOTHING like it was. She is very easily able to deal with it so much better now. She has asked to keep homeschooling, so we are in the process of getting ready for grade 2! My tentative date to begin in August 9. While this may seem early, I actually got her evaluation done at the end of May so it really works out. Out a month early, start a month early.